Big Ass Book of Crafts review

I downloaded this book to my iPad because I love crafts and because I love TLC’S home makeover shows, and this book is written by one of their designers. That being said, I’m really disappointed with it. There were a few cute ideas in there, but not worth the money. Most of these crafts were barely above crafts you’d do with your kids. Nothing I would display in my home. I wanted “grown up” crafts; the kind you find being sold on Etsy, or pinned on Pinterest. I can not even tell you how many of these crafts had popsicle sticks as the staple supply. Seriously? Popsicle sticks? And the stuff just looked like crap at the end. The type of thing you will see on a Goodwill shelf, broken into two pieces because people pushed it aside when rummaging for stuff that was actually reusable. Don’t waste your money on this Big Ass Disappointment. I will feature the handful of decent ideas here for free!


One thought on “Big Ass Book of Crafts review

  1. Soooo glad I read this. My brothers GF is huge into crafting and I was going to buy the book for her for Christmas. And now I am not.

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