Cherries in Winter book review

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and was immediately intrigued. First, intriguing name. Next I saw it was the authors memoirs of managing her household after being laid off. My hubby and I are both employed, but we live in the Bay Area and I have an unnatural obsession with the Body Shop. So between our rent and other living expenses, and my shopping habit, it seemed to be a relevant read. naturally I ordered it from Amazon for much cheaper than the B&N was selling it.

The story takes place after the author, Susan Conlon, is laid off from her lucrative career writing for a magazine. Her mother suggests she take a look at her grandmothers box of recipes from the Great Depression to take some hints on cooking for her and her husband on the cheap. What Susan discovers is more than recipes, but tales of getting by during lean times. The story is a cool weaving of Susan’s modern day plights, with her ancestors Depression-era plights. She begins each chapter with one of her grandmothers recipes, most of which had meat so weren’t really relevant to me, but I thought a nice touch. Also, at one point, when her husband blows a nice little chunk of cash in lavish, gourmet, groceries, she decided to throw him a quickie rather than arguing with him. Now that is a nice diversionary tactic.


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