Holiday Hottie Recipe – the Wiseass take on the Hot Tottie

I do love a good hot drink when it is cold – but given that I am not a huge sweets fan, all of the normal fare (Baileys, Kahlua, etc) is too much for my savory-preferences. But I have always loved a good Hot Tottie. Sadly, I asked for one recently at a restaurant and the young little waiter server just stared at me blankly. It made me feel old. Which made me want to drink even more.

So here is my little holiday twist on a classic. Maybe it will catch on and the Hot Tottie, or a slightly altered version, will have a new resurgence. Pass it on!

The Wiseass Wife’s Holiday Hottie


A few shots of brandy (depending on your preference. I will not name an amount, lest I make you feel like an alcoholic for wanting more.)

Chai tea bag

Agave syrup to taste (honey will work as well)

Lemon wedge

Cinnamon stick

Directions: Make a cup of tea, steeping the Chai tea bag for no longer than 5 minutes. Steep-time is very important. Steeping too long is what gives your tea a bitter taste – and bitter tea is an American epidemic, IMHO. Next add your agave or honey to taste, mix in your brandy and float your lemon wedge. Add the cinnamon stick for a pretentious show of being fancy. VOILA!! A drink to get you both toasty AND toasted.



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