How to Organize Your Fridge So Your Food Doesn’t Spoil Before You Eat it

This may already be a no-brainer for some, but for others, some of the simplest ideas escape them.

I was really tired of my food spoiling so quickly. With just me and DH to eat it, it happened frequently. There are two particular food groups that often spoiled in my fridge:

1. Produce

2. Opened food containers or packages

I found that, for both categories, it occurred because it was out of sight, so out of mind. My produce was often relegated to the two bottom drawers of the fridge that I affectionately refer to as, “The Drawers of Death”. Once my produce was placed in the death drawers, I may as well have tossed them. It was a sure bet that the next time I opened the drawer, I would have rotting food in there.

I also found that partially opened packaged food spoiled because it tended to get pushed aside, or to the back of the fridge, where it met its moldy demise.

So here is my new set-up! I can’t say that it looks as gorgeous as a spread in a home magazine, but hey, this is real life. Not fancy catalogue living life.

So lets start with the produce:

That’s right – top shelf like the best liquor. I could probably get even more fancy with some sort of porcelain bins to keep it all contained, but I’m not that committed. This works for me – but share with me if you do something prettier. It might motivate me to get off my lazy ass and organize more. Either way, I can see all of my produce right away, and remember that it is there and needs to be eaten!

Next, the second shelf:

I took the drawer that hangs under my first shelf out of the track and stuck it on the second shelf where I can easily see it. In there, I placed all of my opened or soon-expiring food in the bin. This keeps it in my line of vision as a reminder to use it before it spoils! If you don’t have that extra drawer in your fridge, you could easily get a small, inexpensive, plastic bin at Big Lots or Target. Next to the bin are all of my beverages.

Next, what to do with the little Drawers of Death?

In these bad boys, I stuck my condiment overflow, as well as food that will keep awhile. I use my condiments everyday, whether I see them or not, so it makes sense that I would stick them in the drawers because I will never forget about them – even if I cannot see them!

And here is the full frontal fridge:

Lemme know what you think!


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