Dog Cake Recipe for Dogs with Food Allergies

It was my DD’s 4th birthday this month, as well as his first birthday with us since we adopted him from the Kennebec Valley Humane Society back in September. DH and I decided to celebrate his birthday (cute pics at bottom of post) with flare! Since he is OBSESSED with tennis balls, we gave him the gift of his life by dropping 48 tennis balls out of a second story window, and treated him and our chihuahuas, Olive + Smidge, to some frosted “pupcakes”!

Stunningly handsome DH + Stunningly handsome DD = Very lucky Wiseass Wife

Because we have been battling Dexters terrible allergies, which we are certain are food-related, I had to be very careful with what I put in his pupcakes. We recently took him to see a friend of mine, Dr. Sara Skiwski of the Western Dragon, who is a veterinarian that integrates both holistic and modern medicine to treat pets. She felt that his allergies are likely to grain, so we are feeding him Wolf King by Solid Gold, which is a grain-free diet. I decided to use this as the base of his pupcakes since we knew he could tolerate the food. The pupcakes came out AMAZING and were a hit with all three dogs. So here is my recipe:

**Remember: if your dog has allergies PLEASE consult with your vet before giving him this recipe. All of the ingredients contained in this recipe were cleared by our vet**

Dog Cake Recipe

Yield: 3 large pupcakes



~ 1 cup ground dog food of choice

~ 1/4 cup honey

~ 2 tablespoons Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I love Trader Joe’s brand)

~ 2 tablespoons warm water


~ 1 can coconut milk


~ cupcake or cake pan, depending on size of your dog and how big you want to make them

~ foil

~ mixer

~ mixing bowl


Night before: Open can of coconut milk and place in the fridge. You will see that it is thick on top, placing it in the fridge overnight will help the liquid on bottom thicken up. Do not shake or stir – just open can and stick in fridge.

Next day:

Combine ground dog food, honey and coconut oil in a bowl. Slowly add warm water until it is in a paste consistency

Now line the cupcake pan or cake pan with some foil and drop spoonfuls of the mixture into the foil

Place in fridge for an hour and start on the icing.

To make the icing, simply spoon the coconut milk into your mixer and blend until creamy and fluffy. If there is any watery part left, don’t use that as it will make the icing thin.

Pull out the pupcakes and ice them

If the frosting seems thin, put back in the fridge for 30-60 minutes to firm it up


The birthday boy checking out his pupcakes

The girls eating their pupcakes

The boys, all tuckered out on the couch

Facebook shot!

And the pic from their angle HAHA


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