Scent Mixing Chart: How to Mix Scents Properly

What to do when a website has no image for you to pin and you get that dreaded, “Sorry, we can’t see any large videos or images on this page” error message from Pinterest? Put it on your own website with copious shout-outs to the original page owner so you don’t look like your jacking their page.

I love this scent mixing chart by Candle Witch. You just go to the scent you want, click it, and you are taken to a little box that shows you which other scents go well with the one you typed. Easy peasy!

So I am placing the Candle Witch site link on this post, to share with all my other wiseass pinners, along with a picture of my former cat “Chrissy” (don’t worry she’s not dead, my ex got her in the break-up) making a hilarious face to something she clearly thought smelled bad. Enjoy!


Don’t let bad scents happen to you!


The box below is for thought ejaculation. Think safely.

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