Supplies on the Cheap: The Dollar Tree: a Crafter’s Best Friend

The Dollar Tree is my guilty pleasure. Every time I am there, I look around at the other shoppers there and my best guess is that it is a mix of meth-heads, alcoholics and women who likely were surprised by 99.9% of their pregnancies. P.S. Not to sound too judgey, but if you are shopping at the Dollar Tree for your pregnancy tests, you might want to rethink some life decisions. Recently I found myself amused at a sign at the cash register at a Dollar Tree – it read, “Cases of wine are limited to one case per customer per visit” (I’m looking at you, West Sacramento). I love wine more than the next guy and I am not at all a wine snob. but if they had to make that little sign, you know times have been tough in the W.S.

Granted, the plaza that holds this particular DT is the same plaza that had a store that sold puppies and caused me to drag DH (while we were newly in our dating period) there to pretend we were looking for a puppy while I grilled the asshole owner on where he obtained his dogs. Surprise, surprise, he gave me the vague, “breeders in the midwest”. Luckily that puppy mill-supporting d-bag was shut down a few months later. But this gives you an idea of the Dollar Store I used to frequent.

I digress. (But seriously – people who support commercial breeders – AKA Puppy Mills – should have bamboo rods shoved in their pee-holes)

I was so excited when I realized that the Dollar Store was selling their good online. Better yet, if you have your order shipped to your nearest Dollar Store then the shipping is FREE!!

And for crafters who are looking for containers and other crafty supplies in bulk, this place is your DREAM. Here are just a few things I have purchased at the Dollar Store online:

~ 24 pounds of epsom salt for $12

~ 24-pack of 3-pack, 4-inch, glass ingredient bowls (that’s 72 in total) for $24

~ Glass jars with screw top lids, 24 for $24

~ A 12-pack of Kerr mason jars for $12 (great deal! – but don’t forget to order BPA free lids)


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