Fridge Makeover: How to Organize Your Fridge so Your Produce Won’t Spoil, Version 2.0

Many of you saw my last post about how to organize your fridge so that your produce does not spoil. Well I went a bit further to organize the produce better, make it more accessible and visually appealing, and keep it from spoiling longer.

I made a few changes that I just love! For starters, I took inspiration from Salad-in-a-Jar and bought myself a handheld FoodSaver and a wide-mouthed jar attachment for under $30. The majority of my lettuce, fresh herbs, homemade catsup, etc. is being sealed in canning jars. But remember, the lids from most canning jars are not BPA-free, so be sure to order some extra lids that are.

Now many of you know that I avoid plastic food storage at all costs, so I want all of my food in glass. I also wanted to store my produce in a way that gets them out of those ugly plastic produce bags, with access to fresh water so they won’t wilt, and in a way that is visually attractive to me when I open my fridge door.

So this is what I did, I took out all of my ceramic and glass serveware that tends to just sit in my cabinets and used those to house my produce. For veggies that can still take water, I put them in a lemon water bath. To do this: put a small amount of water at the bottom of the container, or wrap the roots in a damp paper towel, and squeeze fresh lemon into the water. The acidity in lemon helps cut bacteria growth and is often used to keep flowers fresh. For the Anaheim peppers, I just placed them in a bowl without water, as I will be using them soon to make vegetarian tamales.

I also purchased some glass Pyrex bake and serveware to house my veggies. They come with a glass top, so I just tossed the accompanying plastic lids.

My fridge looks like a trip to the rainforest when I open it, but that is partly because the recipes on my meal plan for the week call for lots of leafy greens. I love opening my fridge and seeing all of the gorgeous produce, though, and it is definitely inspiring me to grab it much faster. Yum!


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