My Case Against Cream; How to Make a Delicious, Healthier, Cream-Alternative

I am a cream WHORE. Yup – the things I would do for creamy foods….downright degrading. But alas, creamy foods are not the healthiest. But that does not mean you need to live a cream-less existence. I am hear to deliver up some delicious creamy goodness. Yay me!

So I submit to you, the cashew. Yes, mmmmm, the cashew. Specifically, the raw cashew. Some of you may already be familiar with my UH-mazing Cashew Sour Cream . And yes, some of you nay-sayers may argue, “Hey, cashews pack a whollop of calories as well”, and to you I say, “You’re probably just super-bummed at the thought of giving up on heavy cream so your inner-child is being defensive.” Just hear me out!

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Heavy Cream and Raw Cashews:

Serving size of each: 1 Oz

  • Contender:         Heavy Cream      Cashews
  • Calories:              97                             155
  • Total fat:             10 grams                  12 grams
  • Saturated fat:     6 grams                    2 grams
  • Cholesterol:        38mg                       Omg
  • Sodium:              11mg                         3mg
  • Carbohydrates: 1 gram                     9 grams
  • Dietary Fiber:    0 grams                   1 gram
  • Sugars:                0 grams                   2 grams
  • Protein:               1 gram                      5 grams
  • Vitamin A:          8%                             0%
  • Vitamin C:          0%                             0%
  • Calcium:             2%                             1%
  • Iron:                    0%                              10%

Also noted on these comparisons, are the Inflammation Factors. As noted by the Nutrition Facts website:

The IF (Inflammation Factor) Rating™ estimates the inflammatory or anti-inflammatory potential of individual foods or combinations of foods by calculating the net effect of different nutritional factors, such as fatty acids, antioxidants, and glycemic impact.

For the record, cream has a negative inflammatory rating of -32, which means that it is mildly inflammatory. Cashews have an inflammatory rating +13, which means it is mildly anti-inflammatory.

I pulled these right off of the Nutrition Facts website, so feel free to check me on this! Just make sure you choose the same serving size for each so that it is accurate.

Now I’m not saying to starting going crazy and eating cashew cream every day – it is still high in calories and total fat (higher than cream in that department), but take a look at those saturated fats, cholesterol (!) and sodium. And 10% of the recommended amount of iron, ladies, means that this is a great staple when you are on your period – when we tend to be slightly iron deficient.

Needless to say, when my hubby with genetically high cholesterol asked me if I would make him an indian food feast, including the cream-laden tikka masala sauce, I switched out this 0 cholesterol alternative and he LOVED it.

So here it is;

Cashew “Cream” Recipe:

1 cup of raw cashews

2 – 4 cups of distilled or filtered water

Start by soaking the cashews for an hour or two in water, enough to cover them completely. Then toss the cashews in a blender and keep adding water until it hits your desired creamy consistency. Use it in a 1:1 ratio in any recipe that you would regular cream. The rest can be frozen for a few months.


Here is my delicious tikka masala sauce, using cashew cream:

My frozen cashew cream:


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