DIY Nails: Valentines DIY Nail Tutorial from Guest Blogger Brittany

So excited to bring you the guest post from Brittany of, here to give you a fun Valentines DIY nail tutorial:

Hello My Lovelies!

As well all know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! 

Now this holiday is, well kind of a really silly holiday if you think about it…who needs one specific day to show your love to someone special? The only real reason I’m getting excited about it is because I like any kind of holiday festivities, no matter what the occasion, plus forcing myself into doing extra special little things means I have something to Blog about!

…Okay, and I’m a newlywed so I can be extra cheesy about EVERYTHING.

SO, what I have for you today is a simple idea that will easily get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit. What’s more is that you probably don’t have to go out and buy anything in order to do it, bonus 😉

Today, we learn all about my VALENTINE’S DAY MANICURE!!!

Now, I apologize if you are the sort of person that doesn’t get as excited as I do about painting your nails. Alas, I am a girl…the kind of girl that likes ALL things girly!

What you have to do to accomplish this look is:

a) Paint your nails your favourite Red (I did one nail white because I’m silly)

b) Blob a bit of polish on a piece of paper and use a Toothpick to make dots ALL over your nails, making heart shaped patterns

c) Finish with Top Coat


*Flatten out your toothpick a bit by tapping it on the surface of your counter or table. This will make it a lot easier to pick up more paint.

**If your toothpick starts to get a bit gunky, start a new one!

Now go flaunt your nails for all to see!!

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