ABEEGO Review Part 1 – Reusable Plastic Wrap and Sandwich Baggie Alternative

I am so excited! Today I received my ABEEGO – Reusable Plastic Wrap and Sandwich Baggie Alternative today! I learned about ABEEGO reusable food storage systems when I was flipping through a magazine on a work trip. I don’t remember the exact magazine, but it was one of my usual crunchy, granola hippy-bitch mags. When I saw these little gems I got really excited and could not wait to try them. But life happened and I lagged, and now here we are, several months later and I have my wraps but cannot remember where I read about them.

ABEEGOs are a reusable food storage products that are made of a blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil and infused into fabric made of hemp and cotton. Because of the wax, resin and oil blend, the ABEEGOs are malleable, yet will become slightly adhesive when it reaches room temperature. Once put in the fridge, the cold from the fridge will cause it to stiffen and hold the form you created. The coatings on the ABEEGO are fluid and air resistant so they help keep the food fresh.

I am very excited to give these a try and will post a review once I have had a few days to take them for a spin!

ABEEGO – original food storage –.


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