Products I Love: Flight 001 | EMERGENCY DRINKS POUCH

CAH knows me well and decided to surprise me with this adorable makeup bag. He found this awesome store near his office in San Fran, Flight 001. If you are a frequent traveler, this is the store for you. You can order online, or if you are in the SF area, you must go in and take a look around.

He surprised me with this Pamela Barsky makeup bag and I am beyond thrilled to flash this feisty little bag around. It is a great size and made of a thick, durable canvas.

With other cheeky pouches such as the “period!” period pouch, the “my lipstick is redder than your lipstick” pouch, and the “don’t disrespect art” pouch, there is literally something for everyone. She also has an assortment of easy-to-spot luggage tags that will help distinguish your red or black bag from the sea of red and black bags on the luggage carousel. Definitely a must for the jet-set lifestyle!

Adorable Flight 001 Gift Bag

Adorable Flight 001 Gift Bag

Pamela Barsky Pouch

Pamela Barsky Pouch


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