Love Notes from My Husband

Last night as we were crawling into bed, CAH calmly informed me (as per usual) that he has hid 35 reasons why he loves me all over the house. Some, he said, would be easy to find. Some I’d find over time, and some I may not even find until we finally buy a house and move out of this house.

The significance of number 35 is because of the following conversation that took place between us a few years ago:

Me: I found a nice scarf that I think we should buy for Tita (his grandmother)
CAH: Oh yah? I love you
Me: I love you too
CAH: How much?
Me: 35
CAH: Huh??
Me: The scarf is $35
CAH:…no, I meant, how much do you love me?

To this day when one of us asks the other how much they love us, the answer is always “35”.

I recently started weaving a bundle of raffia I have into a chain. I am not really sure what I will do with the finished product, but after finding 4 of his little love notes this morning, I snagged a section of the chain and am using that to display the notes. So I shall post his funny and sweet little love notes as I find them. Not so much to make the rest of the world gag, as we are trying to scale-back on the gag-induction, but because I find that love inspires love. Whenever I hear of a sweet story about a couple, it always makes me reflect on how much I love my husband and am grateful for our relationship. So read our little love notes, be inspired, and don’t forget to tell your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/lover how much you love and appreciate them.


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