Natural Beauty Alternatives

Many times as we load up on beauty products without stopping to think what is in them. Nasty and harsh chemicals and additives can not only do damage to your hair and skin, they soak into your skin and cause all sorts of internal malaise. It is easy to forget that we can often get the same results with ingredients already around the house. Well Samantha Harvey from TastyBingo popped over to WAW to give us a list of some of the oldies, but goodies:

The beauty tips highlighted in this article have been handed down over
several generations and in these economically difficult times, they are even
making a comeback in a number of top salons and spas throughout the
world, let’s just say that and if you check the label on your new all-organic
shampoo, you may be somewhat surprised at what you find amongst the
list of ingredients. Here are some that you can try at home that work really

Apple cider vinegar for shiny hair

If you rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar this is understood to make
your hair shiny and smooth. The reason for this is due to the fact that it
causes your hair cuticles to close and it also balances the pH levels of your
hair, which will help prevent it from getting too dry or too oily. When you
try this make sure that you mix the vinegar with equal parts of water, and
always take care to avoid eye contact.

Oatmeal used as a facial cleanser

Oatmeal contains a water-soluble fiber called beta glucan, which is known
to have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, therefore
making it ideal for anyone who is suffering from acne. To make this,
put a few spoonfuls of oats in a washcloth and tie it into a pouch. Place
the pouch in a bowl of warm water for about a minute, then remove the
washcloth from the bowl and use the cloudy water as a very cheap but
highly effective 100% natural cleanser.

Beer on your hair for more volume

If your hair feels thinner than you really want it to be you can use beer to
achieve fuller and lustrous locks. The yeast and hops that are in beer are

well known to plump the hair cuticles and cause the hair shaft to swell.
Rinse your hair with beer after you have shampooed it to get the best
results. You should only use a full beer as light beer is low in yeast content
and won’t have the same effect or benefits.

Use milk to moisturize

Milk has a high natural fat content, so it actually works perfectly as a
moisturizer for your whole body. The lactic acid also helps to gently
exfoliate your skin, helping to keep it smooth and soft. If you want to get
the full benefit from this treatment, fill a bathtub with warm water and add in
a cup of milk. If you don’t like or especially want to smell of milk when you
have finished, you can also add an essential oil to mask the fragrance.

While these beauty tips may seem rather different to what you are used to
using, it is well worth giving them a try as you are not only finding natural
ways to care for your skin and hair, you will also be saving yourself a good
deal of money that you would have spent on expensive beauty products.



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