Please Stop Abusing the Pinterest Audience

Well it is time. Those of you who did your homework and read the “About Me” section know that I occasionally get on a soapbox. So here it is:


The only exception to this rule is if the photograph is professionally done and really cool. And even then, let the photographer pin it.

If I cannot saute it, paint it, glue it, bedazzle it, aspire to live in it, hope to visit it, make my lashes look huge with it, put it in my hair, make my nails look pretty with it, or use it to lose weight (or be inspired to lose weight), it has no business on Pinterest!

I am going to tell you something about putting your kids on Pinterest, and it’s going to sting. And I know it is going to sting because it stings me as a dog-mom. No one else thinks your baby is as cute as you do. I do not care how many ridiculous, over-sized fake flowers you plop on that little bald head. We do not know you, we do not know your kids. We are not personally invested in either one of you.

I know, I know, the truth hurts. Trust me – my dogs do some crazy-cute things and I would love to post them on Pinterest. But again, nobody cares if my chihuahua or doberman, who look like every other chihuahua and doberman out there, strikes a cute pose. You know why? Because nobody on Pinterest knows them enough to be emotionally invested in caring about said cute pose. If they do know them well enough, they will see that cute picture posted on Facebook.

So please, stop polluting the Pinterest feed with random candids of your kids. Stick with the glitter shoe tutorials.


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