How to Give the Man in Your Life, the Day of His Life – the Man Bouquet

Well men’s Valentine’s Day came and went, and for those of you who remember my previous post about it, we do like to celebrate it in style. I know the concept of the day is pretty simple, but Calm-ass Husband and I are known for going all out for each other so I wanted to add a bit of the “Jess and Wes flare” to the occasion. I surprised CAH with two major things – a man’s bouquet was the first gift, and nestled within it was the second gift, an iPod shuffle with a music scrapbook. Today’s tutorial is going to be about the man bouquet, and my follow-up post will be a tutorial on how I did the music scrapbook!

The Man’s Bouquet:

As is popular with Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give the hubby a bouquet for his special day, but knew he wouldn’t quite appreciate the traditional flower bouquet like I do. CAH prefers gifts that have a purpose or do something – something like flowers are beyond him as they just don’t make much sense. As far as he’d be concerned, they just sit there taking space on his desk. So for his bouquet I knew I had to fill it with a bunch of cool, useful items.

Bouquet filler:

  • CAH’s fave candy, mainly Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Ferrero Rocher
  • Batman Pez – because CAH thinks both Batman and Pez are awesome, so how could I not?
  • Lotto tickets and scratchers
  • Slim Jims (normally I’d discourage him from eating this nastiness, but it was a special occasion)
  • Blow Pops (hee hee, yes I was being cheeky considering what the day was)
  • An iPod shuffle (optional) – tutorial for this to come next
  • Optional: Tiny liquor bottles are also a GREAT idea! I didn’t include them in CAH’s basket because he is a diehard beer fan, and I couldn’t find any tiny bottles of beer (understandably)

Next comes the basket building supplies:

  • A basket or container of some sort, I got CAH a cute blue container from the Dollar Tree
  • A few blocks of green floral arranging foam
  • A package of bamboo skewers
  • Gift bows
  • Rope (I got blue nylon rope from the Dollar Tree)
  • Basket filler (I used brown paper basket filler)
  • A few packs of screwdrivers from the Dollar Tree (optional)
  • You may have noticed that I mentioned a few of the supplies I purchased were from the Dollar Tree – a good 90% of the supplies I got for the man bouquet were from the Dollar Tree, so the basket was economical!


Next comes the fun part! Place your floral foam in the bottom of the basket or container and cover it with the basket filler. To assemble the “flowers”, I stuck the pointy end of the skewers into the Ferrero Rocher and mini-Reese’s cups, then slipped a giftwrapping bow over it to look like a flower, as pictured below.

Stick the other end of the skewers into the foam to stand straight up. For the Slim Jims, Pez and a few other candy items, I tied them to a screw driver with the rope, and stuck them in the foam, as pictured below:

Any leftover or loose candy can just be arranged at the bottom of the basket. After arranging the “flowers” to look visually pleasing, I then attached the lotto tickets and scratchers to the bows with colored paper clips.

I put the iPod shuffle in the middle of the bouquet, having simply clipped it to a skewer. I made sure to put a little note next to it that said, “Wes Radio – For Your Ears Only.” I did this for a few reasons: 1) Because he was getting this at work and I didn’t want his co-workers to hear it since I had some personal things recorded on there, 2) I wanted to call attention to it and 3) I wanted him to know that it already contained audio to which I wanted him to listen, so that he didn’t think the gift was simply the iPod shuffle. He already has an iPhone and an iPad, but it would have been difficult to put a new playlist on those without him noticing 🙂 I got a brand new iPod Shuffle on Amazon for about $50.

I topped the bouquet off with a card for him, and then wrapped it in a clear gift basket bag, which I also found at the Dollar Tree.

Next comes delivery. I specifically wanted him to get this at work so that he had a fun surprise during his day, and so that he could listen to the music scrapbook on his iPod Shuffle. You have a few options here. You can get a courier to deliver it for around $30, depending on the delivery area, you can have a friend deliver it, or you can deliver it personally. In my case, I snuck it into the back seat of his car the night before, knowing he wouldn’t see it on his way to work. When I knew he was at work, sitting at his desk, I told him to go look in the back seat of his car. Needless to say, he absolutely LOVED it. He was so excited about all of the treats, plus he thought tying everything to a screwdriver was so cool. I could tell that he totally appreciated the work I had put into it. And when he started to listen to what I had put on the iPod Shuffle, he was overwhelmed.

So there you go, the man’s bouquet. His treat for dinner that night was a Brazilian steakhouse I found right outside of San Francisco. Not only was CAH in heaven with all-you-can-eat meat, but after hearing that I was a vegetarian (which excluded everything on the menu), the nice cooks kept bringing me plates of fried plantains. Yum!


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