“Man Radio” tutorial – how to make a man-geared, virtual music scrapbook using an mp3-player and the audio feature on your computer.

As many of you saw with yesterday’s post, I made CAH a man’s bouquet for men’s Valentine’s Day and it included a music scrapbook. What is a music scrapbook, you ask? I essentially gathered every important song from our lives together, or found a song to represent an important time in our lives, put them in chronilogical order and recorded an intro for each one, explaining why the song was important and the memory it held. Needless to say, I started crying a few times while recording them! Especially when I got to the songs that were representative of CAH and I having our long distance relationship while he was in grad school.

Here is a sampling of some of my intros, but a word of CAUTION! They are super-mushy. I put some of the less mushy ones up here to spare you – but consider yourself warned!

Click Here for Some Serious WAW Mushiness

How I did it:

Step 1: Get an mp3 player of some sort – I got a cheap iPod Shuffle for $50 from Amazon (with free shipping because we are Prime members). CAH does have an iPhone and an iPad, but it would be hard to record a playlist on there for him without him noticing. If your honey has an mp3 player that they don’t use daily, you could easily just use theirs to stick in a man’s bouquet. Or you can simply add this playlist on there for them to find as a nice surprise!

Step 2: Make a list of the songs you will use – Gather all of the songs that mean something to you both – your favorite song, songs from your wedding, songs you listened to on a special trip and so on. If there was a particular time or event that was significant to the both of you, but you don’t have a song to represent it, you can take a peak at the billboard charts for that month/year to get some ideas of songs that were popular at that time. Wikipedia offers the billboard charts for each year, broken down by month. Say you want to know what songs were big in 2009, simply type “2009 billboard charts” into the Wikipedia search bar and voila! Make sure you own all of these songs and have them in a spot where they will be easy to add to your mp3 player – in my case they were all in my iTunes library.

Step 3: Record an intro for each song – How you do this will vary by what you are working with. In my case, I have a Macbook, I was using an iPod Shuffle and used the app Garage Band, which comes standard with the Macbook. If you have a PC, here is one possible way you can record audio. If you can’t figure out how to best record audio on your computer, you may want to turn to good ole Google for some help. Here’s how to do it if you have a Mac:

    1. Open “Garage Band” in apps, at the top hit “File”, then “New”.
    2. You will get a pop-up window with options of different project types you can choose – pick “podcast”.
    3. It will then pop-up a window asking you to name this project. For ease of organization, I named each one after the song it will precede, so for example, “Intro to Wonderful Tonight,” and “Intro to Pumped up Kicks.”
    4. Now the recording screen will pop up. You want to make sure that you select either “Male Voice” or “Female Voice” (depending on which is applicable) and that you press the little “record” button immediately to the right of the female voice icon, as shown below:

      You’ll notice the little red dot – that is because I pressed it. Be sure to press this or your recording will not work.


    1. Next, look at the bottom of the screen and you will see a bar with the symbols for “play”, “rewind”, “fast forward”, etc. To the left of this bar is a red record button. To begin recording, simply press this button.
    2. When you are done, hit the “play” button to stop recording, then go to the toolbar at the top and click “Share” and then, “Send Podcast to iTunes”. A window will pop-up where you can name the playlist under which it will appear in your iTunes library and any other info you want to add. Because this was only going to be in my iTunes library, and then added to the iPod, I didn’t get too fancy with this part. Click “Share”.
    3. Your iTunes will pop-up and you will see your recording in there!


Note: The sound quality will be a lot better if you have an actual mic! I did not, so there is a bit of an echo sound. If you don’t have a mic then you might try recording in a small closet, rather than a cavernous living room with a wood floor, like I did 🙂

You are all set. You can now use it just as you would any other audio file in your iTunes. Drag the songs into the playlist and put them in order with your intros. Once that playlist is done, you can put the whole thing on the iPod.

And that is it, you are all set! Now watch his heart melt! (Note: Guys, this will work just as well coming from you!)


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