Organizing Your Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, and Other Hair Tools

As an avid drinker of wine, there is one thing that has always perplexed me: the wine rack. Who has enough extra wine to necessitate an entire rack? It’s like wine cellars. If you have enough wine to fill an entire cellar, then you are doing it wrong.

As I mentioned recently, CAH and I moved to a new townhouse and we absolutely love it. It is bigger than our last house, in an area we love way more than the last area, and it has a much homier feel. We were lucky enough to get this house when a relative, who we affectionately call “grandma,” offered it to us. With it she left us some stuff that she could not take with her and it has been a like a fun little treasure hunt, coming across trinkets she has collected over the years. We recently came across a cute little wine rack in the garage. It doesn’t really match the decor in our dining room and, as I said, a full wine rack only points out my failure.

I just so happened to find this little gem while I was in the midst of a massive deep clean of our master bath. I had gone to my favorite boutique for home organizing, L’arbre Dollar, or, The Dollar Tree. Since my creative organizational juices were flowing, I saw this little rack and decided to take it down to the bathroom with me and wait for inspiration to strike. Well, it didn’t take long:









Suddenly my hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron and hand steamer, formerly jumbled up in a drawer, had a tidy home that made them easily accessible.







And yes – that is some sweet-ass wallpaper that I am rocking in the background. For those of you with keen eyes who are wondering why there is a telephone in our bathroom…’s how we talk to Jesus.


I’m back! I moved, adopted a new dog, and my husband’s identity was stolen

It has been a loooong while since I’ve posted, and I promise it has been for good reason! To give you the short version of the big changes that kept me from updating regularly:

1. We moved into a beautiful new townhouse that we loooove!

2. We adopted a new dog, Violet Josephine Rose, who we loooooove!


3. And one of my husband’s old chums from school in England came to visit us for a few weeks, and we looooove her!


So that kept us pretty swamped for most of the summer. Let’s see….was there anything else? Oh yes, CAH’s biological mother stole his identity and ran up $98,0000 in credit card debt. So there’s that.

This is the second time she’s stolen his identity in 6 years, and this time we had to take action in order to keep CAH from being responsible for all of that money. I won’t go into details, mainly because there is no need to bore you with the details, and mainly because you can just read the book when I’m done with it :), but I will say that it has been a long, stressful and exhausting process that has left me having totally lost faith in our misjustice system. Not that I had a ton before, but it certainly seems to pay to be a criminal far more than a victim. If times are tough and you have no moral compass, I highly suggest identity theft. You have a 99.9% chance of getting away with it.

And you’re probably wondering, “How could someone steal the identity of their own child?” Well, sadly, it is not a totally uncommon crime. It is not reported as much as other crimes because people don’t want to turn in their own parents. Many parents do it out of desperation because times are tough. In the case of CAH’s biological mother, she is a career criminal who is always looking for her next scam. I say “biological mother,” because CAH was raised by his grandparents and so we consider them his actual parents. He was luckily not raised by the horrendous woman who bore him (who will henceforth be known as the “Vagina that Served Its Purpose,” or, VSP). Needless to say, VSP is no longer a part of our lives, but we are left to clean up the mess she left.

So there is my explained absence. But things, other than our VSP issues, are finally leveling out, so I am back! I am also training for my first 5K and I am so excited!!! More on that to come 🙂