Life is Too Short for Cheap Pita Bread: the Splurge on Yourself Challenge

So my employment has been paired down, as I mentioned, and we are on a tighter budget than usual. As such, I am buying cheaper stuff.

Like for instance, pita bread. I bought this pita bread that SPECIFICALLY STATES it was made by a middle eastern baking company.

Phony! You're a phony!

Phony! You’re a phony!

They have been making pita bread in the middle east for a long time, I’m sure. So why does it split when I stick my hand in the slit?? (that’s what she said)

I'm the Georgia O'Keefe of Pita Bread

I’m the Georgia O’Keefe of Pita Bread

It got me thinking about my dream the other night, where me and the Calm-ass Husband were on a flight and the plane started to crash. Luckily I jarred awake right before we crashed into the San Francisco Bay and my brain was like, “Oh hello – you’re awake! Let’s think about everything that has happened in the history of the world EVER, starting with your life and working back to the big bang.” It wasn’t long before I started getting a stiff neck and became sure that I had contracted meningitis. I looked over at poor CAH, peacefully sleeping, blissfully unaware that his wife lay dying of meningitis right next to him. I selflessly began calculating the fair amount of mourning time that should pass before allowing him to find someone else. No need for him to mourn for years. I’m a good wife.

So back to the pita – it got me thinking: My dream of almost dying in a plane crash reminded me that I *could* just die in a plane crash tomorrow. Well, on today’s budget, it is more likely that I will die in a short car ride to the grocery store. But if it all ended tomorrow, is it fair that I spent my last days eating cheap pita bread? It’s not.

So with that, I give you the Splurge Challenge. If there is something you usually skimp on, like buying the generic brand or the cheaper brand, buy just one thing that is the name brand, or pricier version. Just this week. Just this one thing. You deserve it.


The box below is for thought ejaculation. Think safely.

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