The Sweet-ass Chicken Wing Off: The Best Chicken Wing Recipe

Me and CAH had a wing-off with some friends recently. CAH’s friend who, like the Calm-ass Husband, is pretty calm himself (Calm-ass Friend), and one of my Sweet-ass Sister Wives (I have several).

CAH asserted that he made the better chicken wing. CAF asserted that HE made the better chicken wing. SASW and I asserted that we would love to sit on our asses and drink, while the men worked in the kitchen. Regardless of who won, it was a pretty sweet deal for SASW and me.

Men at Work

Men at Work

Both of the wing masters were kind enough to give me their special sauces (hee hee) on my vegetarian chicken. CAF is a fellow East Coaster, like myself, so I told him that I expected the wings to be up to snuff.

He did not disappoint.

CAH made his usual wings, which are pretty damn good.

Master Baster

Master Baster

CAF’s wings had tears running down CAH’s cheeks. These West Coasters and their virgin tongues.

The verdict:

CAF’s wings were seriously East Coast-worthy: 10 points
CAH’s wings have a sweetness that I love: 10 points
My Sweet-ass Sister Wife has a sweet ass: 15 points

SASW is the clear winner.

This is one of my and CAH’s favorite hot wing recipes. For my fellow rabbit food eaters, I warm up a Quorn Naked Chik’n Cutlet, slice it in strips, and toss it with the sauce.


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