Introducing: Vagina Fun Facts From Florida

Calm-ass Husband and I noticed long ago that the strangest shit goes down in Florida. Like, if we hear something crazy on the news, we will shout “Florida!” before the announcer has a chance to say where it took place because, 9 times out 10, that shit went down in Florida.

Don’t believe me?

Let me prove it:

Ted Bundy
Casey Anthony

Still not convinced

Man Eating Sinkholes
Gun-toting Walmart Shoppers with Bad Tempers
Moms Who Leave Their Kids in the Car While They Drink in a Bar


This phenomenon is something we’ve been wanting to turn into a website or Tumblr page, and we’d called it “WTF – What the Florida?”. Turns out several other blogs and websites have a “WTF?” section of their website, and CAH and I are not the only ones who have noticed that Florida is a beacon for the strange and insane.

Recently I posted about sending pictures of random vaginas to CAH and a friend pointed out that, technically, I sent him pictures of vulvas, not vaginas. She is right, I did sent pictures of vulvas, but “vagina” is way more fun to say. But then she followed up to say that many women actually don’t know the difference.

I mentioned to her that Vagina Fun Facts would be a good series, and then mentioned that I’ve also been wanting to do a feature on the fucked up stuff that happens in Florida. Then my helpful cousin chimed in that it would be even better to do Vagina Fun Facts From Florida. Which I thought was an AMAZING idea!

Vagina Fun Facts From Florida (VFFFF) will feature facts, news, and events that will pertain to vaginas and Florida. The correlation doesn’t matter, just so long as they relate somehow to both.

And now, the premier Vagina Fun Fact From Florida:

Florida resident Jayme Nicole Poma was recently busted after cops found a bag of pot hidden in her vagina. They had her squat and cough and a bag of cocaine flew out. **

Lana Del Rey – your pussy may take like Pepsi Cola, but you’re not shit until it tastes like cocaine.

**Bonus VFFFF: If you cough while squatting, things will fly out of your vagina.

Have a sunny day!


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