Flesh Colored Body Wash

CAH: Hey, you know that homemade body wash you made me?

Me: Yes, you’re welcome.

CAH: Yeah, I’m not sure about it…..

Me: What’s wrong with it?

CAH: Well for starters, it’s a weird color.

Me: That is because it is infused with Early Grey tea. For distinguished gentlemen.

CAH: Yeah, it’s the same color as my skin.

Me: Yeah, it’s like camouflage body wash. Men love camouflage stuff.

CAH: Well, I’m also not sure about the way it smells. I feel like I smell at work.

Me: If anything you smell like Earl Grey. Like a distinguished gentleman.

CAH: I just – it’s flesh colored and it stinks.

Me: Fine. Get the store-bought stuff.

He never appreciates my efforts.

Camo body wash

Camo body wash


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