Vagina Fun Facts From Florida, And My Premier Article with The Impersonals

Today’s Vagina Fun Facts From Florida come with an exciting announcement:

My first article with, 7 Simple Tips to Land a Husband Quickly , premiered today. Go check it out, share it, tweet it, Facebook it. I would be ever so grateful.

On to Vagina Fun Facts From Florida:

In 2010, Florida resident Megan Mariah Barnes was arrested for shaving her lady parts while driving to meet her boyfriend. She told police that she wanted to be ready for him. More specifically, she was arrested because her shaving while driving caused her to rear-end a truck. As if this story isn’t weird enough, her ex-husband was in the passenger seat, holding the wheel while she shaved her Lady Funville.

Now that is an amicable divorce!

Have a sunny day!


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