Are You a WINK?

Do you know how many mom bloggers there are?

A kajillion. I know for a fact because I spent all last week counting.

Do you know how many blogs for child-free wives who love wine there are? Not nearly as many. I can’t give you an exact count because I am so exhausted from counting all the mom blogs.

I want to find these other women, my brethren. My fellow WINK wives.

WINK = Wine Inebriated No Kids. *

*I don’t want to discriminate against girlfriends who are not yet/don’t want to be wives, or lesbians who are unable to/don’t want to marry. So you’re welcome to join in.

** Ok fine, if you are a man, or a woman with kids, you can probably sneak in if you keep your topics of discussion to: wine, wine in the media, wine throughout history, wine’s impact on agriculture. Just kidding, we talk about boobs, vaginas and rescuing animals, didn’t you read my site tagline?

Calm-ass Husband and I already are part of the DINK lifestyle – Dual Income No Kids.

But that is too broad. I want to find my sisters in arms. Rather – my wives in wineglasses.

I need a Grindr for WINKs.

For those of you who don’t know what Grindr is, I’d like to welcome you, middle-aged women of the midwest. I’m really excited that you found my blog!

Grindr is basically a way gay men find other gay men in their immediate vicinity to hook up. Ugh, sorry, you might be middle-aged and from the midwest. “Hook up” means casual sex. Grindr takes all the work out of a good old fashioned booty call. You can literally log in and see who is around you and what they’re looking for, and then just meet for sex. I downloaded it to my phone to see who was looking for a good time around me:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Hopefully someone who develops apps is reading my blog and develops a WINK app. I even came up with my profile already:


Until then, I’m doing three things. Creating and introducing WINK (ta da!), starting WINK Wife Wednesdays, which will have either my favorite wine recipe or favorite wine product, and unveiling the badge below.

Bare the badge proudly on your website, or on your Facebook page (grab the HTML below the picture and add it to your website):

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 7.07.34 PM


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