Vagina Fun Facts From Florida Friday

It is that time once again! Where I close the week out with the strange and insane from Florida, but only as it pertains to vaginas.

Today’s Vagina Fun Fact From Florida was sent to me by a special gal who is as finely-tuned at fighting off pervy animal control officers with ninja-like style as I. This story frankly, could not be any more perfect for Vagina Fun Facts From Florida.

This doesn’t directly involve a vagina per se, but the perpetrator in this story has a vagina, and her name is just too perfect to not give a special mention.

It seems that police in Daytona Beach were sent out to the Sun and Surf motel to see about a domestic disturbance. When they got there, the disturbance turned out to be caused by one Miss Heather D. Beaver. Ms. Beaver, to you.

Angry Beaver

Angry Beaver

Turns out that the 21-year-old Ms. Beaver got a little jealous when she saw her boyfriend talking to another woman and decided to retaliate by pulling out a gun. But instead of shooting it, she just threw the bullets at him.

Worst villainess, ever.

Once the cops got there, Ms. Beaver barricaded herself in the room. As they tried to negotiate with her, the Beav began firing off rounds from her weapon while opening and closing the door and yelling.


The cops fired back with four canisters of tear gas, right into her room. But she is one resilient little Beaver and that just made her angry. So she fired off more rounds at the cops. That resulted in 4 more canisters of tear gas, and the Beav surrendered.

Among the charges that the Beav is facing is Attempted Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer. Ouch.

Guys, I think they’re being a little hard on the Beaver.

I hope you all had a stupendously lovely week, here is the roundup of some of my articles that you may have missed this week:

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Stay Sunny!


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