Vagina Fun Facts From Florida Friday – Hallelujah! He Found the G Spot!

It’s that day again! Friday – which means another installment of the insane news from Florida, as it pertains to vaginas!

I’m not really sure how to react when a man proclaims he’s found the G-spot. I mean, he’s standing there, beaming with pride, like some kind of vagina Magellan. Do you pat him on the head? Give him a treat?

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Well a surgeon from Florida, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, is the next man in line for a head pat because he claims to have discovered the exact location of the “elusive G-Spot.”

Can we PLEASE stop treating vaginas like the Bermuda Triangle? For a relatively small space, people act like it’s a mystical cavern full of fairies and never-before-seen islands still waiting to be discovered. Check your vaginas, ladies, Jimmy Hoffa may just be hiding up there!


Dr. O claims that, unlike the current line of thinking that states that the G-Spot is an extension of the clitoris, the G-Spot is its own structure that angles away from the urethra. His finding would definitely fly in the face of experts who say that the G-Spot is an urban myth.

Of course these experts, desperate to make their urban myth stick so that they don’t have to admit that they’re terrible lovers, dispute the study, saying that Dr. O’s findings have too many problems rendering his research invalid.

For starters, this cadaver was 83, so at least 30 years past menopause. Secondly, since she was a cadaver, experts say that there is no way to know exactly what physiological function the ropy tissue he found actually had.

Sigh….they spend millions on researching and developing boner pills, but still can’t even agree on what is going on inside our hoo-has.


Friday Wrap-up!

Exciting news, I will be starting a weekly sex column for the blog! I will anounce the first article once it is out!

If you are interested in animal welfare issues, check me out on HuffPostLive, discussing an animal’s right to life

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Stay Sunny!


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