Introducing: You’re Pinning it Wrong! Featuring the Incorrect, Insane, or Just Plain Dumb Pins of Pinterest

Ah Pinterest, you seductive whore. How many hours have I wasted on you in the last few years? It probably adds up to days at this point. Pinterest has introduced me to other women (and some guys) who seem to be my soulmates when it comes to taste. Unfortunately, it has also highlighted the gullible, insane, and just plain dumb. I’ve started amassing these pins on my open Pinterest board, You’re Pinning it Wrong. Just let me know if you’d like an invite to the board so that you can also pin the dumb, insane or just plain incorrect to it.

Let’s highlight a few in hopes of maybe putting them to rest:

1. The Dr. Seuss quote that was not actually said by Dr. Seuss:


2. The cat, Mr. Peebles, that is the size of a finger tip:

mr. peebles

mr. peebles

3. The Marilyn Monroe quote that has her somehow foreseeing beauty standards 50 years in the future:

marilyn monroe quote

4. Glorifying designer mutts. Why adopt a mutt for $50 and save a life, when you can buy one for a few hundred dollars from a breeder who is contributing to the death of shelter dogs?