Chocolate WTF Cake Recipe.

It was Calm-ass Husband’s 30th birthday (my little cub is growing up – sniff!) and I knew he needed a good cake. No, an amazing cake. No – a cake to end all cakes. A cake that all people would look at and say, “WTF?!?”

I think I achieved this.

Behold – WTF Cake



CAH loves chocolate, and his favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (predictably), so I knew I had to give him the mother of all chocolate cakes. WTF Cake delivered.

The beauty of WTF Cake is that it doesn’t take a huge skill level, it just requires some patience.

Let’s breakdown this cake. I took my inspiration from this cake from two amazing cake recipes. One is Sandra Lee’s Heirloom Noel cake, and the other is Art of Dessert’s Chocolate Wasted Cake.

It is 3-tiers, despite it looking like a huge mound of cake.

Each tier is two layers. Between each layered, I drizzled Godiva Chocolate liquer (on both halves of the cake), and then frosted with icing.

Base cake – 10 inches. Frosted, with store-bought truffles bordering the bottom. Mini chocolate chips were then pressed into the side.

Middle cake – 8 inches. Frosted, huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were cut in quarters, then put around the border (these may want to fall off, “glue” them with frosting to the side of the cake and press them into the bottom cake a bit to ground them. It’s ok to squish them all in there – it’s going to be a mound of cake.) The gaps between the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups were filled in with Reese’s pieces. The top of the cake (what little sides were exposed) were topped with CAH’s favorite candy bars from England – crumbled Aero Bars and Lion Bars.

Top cake – 6 inches. Bordered by flat marshmallows made specifically for s’mores. Topped with crumbled Hammond’s s’mores chocolate bars.

Then, the whole thing was drizzled in melted chocolate. I meant for the drizzle to look much prettier, but I forgot my drizzle thingy at the clubhouse where I was assembling the cake/throwing CAH’s birthday part, so I had to improvise, and it came out gloppier than wanted. But I feel the gloppiness adds to the overall WTF-ness of the cake.

Total list of ingredients (these are what I used, obviously go bananas with your preferred candies):

6 chocolate cake rounds – 2 10-inch, 2 8-inch, 2 6-inch. You can make them yourself with your favorite chocolate cake recipe, or buy them, unfrosted, from your local bakery shop, if you are short on time.
6 cans of chocolate frosting, whipped and stuffed in icing bags (or even Ziploc bags with corners snipped off)
1 bottle of Godiva chocolate liquer
4 bags of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, reserve 2 cups
2 packages of oversized Reese’s peanut butter cups (these tend to be seasonal, so regular size will work fine)
1 bag of Reese’s pieces
3 packages of your favorite truffles
6 of your favorite candy bars (I used Aero bars and Lion bars)
2 cups of heavy cream
Cake rounds to support the weight of the cake – this sucker is heavy


I took much of my inspiration to frosting and assembling the cake from Sandra Lee’s Heirloom Noel Cake video. I followed her assembly instruction almost to a T, other than that I drizzled the inner layers with the Godiva, squeezed some frosting out, spread it, and put the other layer on top.

Once you have the cake stacked and frosted, begin the candy decorating. I started with mini-chocolate chips. Press them into the sides of the cake layers. This is going to be MESSY, so I advise doing it in a baking tray, or similar, for easy cleanup. You also want to go over each tier, pressing the chocolate chips into the side of the cake, TWICE. You want them firmly packed in there because they actually help support the candy a bit.

Once the sides of the whole cake has been packed with mini-chocolate chips, begin adding your candy borders, and the candies your putting on top of each layer. You don’t have a ton of room on top (except for the very top tier) so pick slim/small candies, or break bigger candies into pieces.

Once the candy has been added, it’s time to drizzle the whole thing in chocolate. Melt the 2 reserved cups of chocolate chips with 3/4 cup of cream. A double-boiler is best to do this, because melting chocolate can be finicky and burn fast. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can improvise by resting a heat safe glass bowl on top of a pot filled halfway with water. Set to medium heat, pour in the chocolate chips, and stir frequently as it starts to melt. Once melted, drizzle over your cake, and let set.

CAH was definitely surprised by the cake, and quickly began contemplating how to get all the cake in his mouth:


Here’s CAH, in his pink tiara, a little wasted, blowing out his cake:



If you try this, or some variation of, I’d love to hear about it!